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Thursday, April 9, 2009

what a day! *sweat* *sweat*

tired ow.. i went cp 2 day 2 watch fast n furious4 which was awesome.tia sabar tunggu d next one!!
funny dis cz infront of us there is dis pengkid with a girl wif glasses.dunno la if kapel or not.but d girl kan funny bhaa.. mcm jakun dis.haha.sakaii lae towh..
she was acting mcm tia perna tingu wayang and nice cars bhaa.super funny dis!! haha!! then d way she laugh.OMG!!! mcm hyiena bhaa.haha. d ppl yang watch kan bkn laugh at d film,tp laugh at her.haha.funny2.

then we went 2 mcD,makan..

a>muka kbulur.haha

after dat we went to roxy at warisan.i wanna buy skinny jeans cz mine ilang during d accident.huhu.*sad*
unfortunately,there is no skinny size for me.too large!!
with perasaan hampa i went out n went 2 esprit.nope.then i went 2 padini.still,no skinny jeans 4 me.huhu.during my skinny j hunting session,my mum called and told me to go 2 asia city and told us 2 wait her infront of kk city toys cz she is 'on her way'.Hmph.

so me n my sis went there and waited 4 her about 15-20 minutes.huh! mcm la luyang perdana 2 jauh dari asia city kan.pnat dis tunggu 2 isi our "masa terluang" me n my sis took some pictures.hehe.

kakiku cacat! look!

nda perna jumpa grill.haha

waiting 4 ma mum.hmph

kereta idaman semalaya.haha

Font sizeatlast! found my dream car!!
just ME.

pnat ow.
then my mum finally showed up and we went straight bank home.huhu.pnat ow me.ngantuk dis.huhu.
k laa.i wanna sleep dlu k.c ya 2moro.if i woke up.hehe.

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