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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

fat! fat! fat!

i am freakin bored 2day i woke up n then slept back!!!
then i finally woke up at 11 something.haha.lazy me.
went downstairs and watched tv untill 1 pm.
then i decided to go mandi and watched tv again till 3pm.
my dad asked me to cook since he was so kebulur.haha.i only masak sardin and telur.well,ok la tuu.hehe

why did he wants me to masak oo0o??? i mean,i am on diet since my body is so chubby.huhu.after 2 month at kemaman,eating once a day,from beginning to be skinny again,i am now fatter!! OMG!!! noo0o0o0o0!!!
i can't help watching him ate,so i quickly eat to0o.huhu.budu 0 me..
then my mum came home and my aunt wants my mum to drive her go beli me and my sis ikut laa(nda mau tinggal ne)
alang2 we jalan,i went 2 buy coke(too many sugar! no!)
i bought corn in cup(fatty food! can't resist em)
and i bought 3 kinds of bun from southern.
(what can i say? mimang kuat makan bha me)

u people jgn ikut me ahh.. mau diet kunun.. skali makan sandi neyh..haha..
i am xcited now cz my money msuk suda RM500.hehe.wanna go watch fast n furious 4 bisuk.hehe.*happy*
i wanna spend my $$ shopping 2 moro!!!
i need new skinny jeans!!
nway,gotta hubby starts a fight.AGAIN.hmph.
c ya 2 moro!

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