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Friday, April 17, 2009


awkae.. firstly,lama ne tia on9..lyk 9 days ordy ow!!
lama kan?? huhu..
d broadband ada prob,susa mau connect bhaa..
finally ok ne today..

last wed,me and my sis n my mum went 2 karam cz i had a dental app.hehe.
after dat, i decided to go to doss.. i need some new slipper..and i bought 3.. 2 slippers and a ballerina-ish flat shoes..hehe..
then 4 d 1st tym my mum suru me buy d mini doughnuts.. OMG.. it is so0o0o good!!

u wanna know something??
i am gonna b cute again! i had dis app again at d dentist and tomorrow 4 sure,
i am cutie again!!

awkae peep,gotta indon sinetron is cumin up.hehe. c ya!!

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