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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

first blog!!!

new blog bebehh!!

i LOVE blogging,especially afta reading others.hihi.
for today.. hurm,there is nothing 2 blurb.huhu.
i'm frakin bored at home n spend the whole day 0n9 myspace and friendster.hehe.

it's nice 2 share feelings with others.hehe.wait.i gat something to blurb about after all.hehe
it's about my boyfriend a.k.a my hubby.huhu

the story starts when he miss called me.then i sms him.n u noe wut?? he tiba2 moody and mara2 me.huhu.that's just piss me off.i mean,i was being nice and all,but he treats me like that.AT ALL TIMES! and then i treated him the same.he wants to mrajuk with me,AGAIN! huh! i won't layan em dis tym.huh! pduli la ko!! malas suda mau jd tukang pujuk although tia wat apa2 budu ja dis.

i mean,do i hav to pujuk his moody moods all the time sdangkan wen i mrajuk,he buat like nothing happen ne.i noe,bullshit kan??

owkay laa,that's all 4 now.still pissed off!


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