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Monday, March 12, 2012

Food Hunting (updated!)


As promised yesterday in this very short post i made, Food Hunting in KK, i should have uploaded the pictures taken but i am so tired as hell. I can't even think right last night! All i had in mind is just to go to bed and have a rest!

Sebelum itu, (tiba-tiba post dalam bahasa melayu)

Aku nak ucapkan takziah kepada keluarga arwah adik Nurul Nadirah yang ditemui rentung di percayai di bakar di sebuah ladang kelapa sawit berdekatan dengan rumahnya. Aku betul-betul kecewa dan geram dengan tindakan pelakunya yang tidak ada akal. Sama-sama kita sedekahkan Al-Fatihah kepada arwah.

Okay, back to business people!

the left one is moi. heheheh. i'd really liked this pictures so much. maybe it's because i look so pretty than my beautiful sister. hewhewhew

Take 2 *camwhoring session*

*Take 3*

Anyways, we went to One Borneo Hypermall Kota Kinabalu since my twin sister wanted to hang out with their friends and i was supposed to act as their chaperon since i'm their big sister and i am 22. Lol.

As most people knew, i am a open-minded-not-a-control-freak big sister. So i'd just let them go and had fun while me and alya went on our own journey, Food Hunting. It's like watching Men Vs. Food (if only we recorded our whole journey that day). But i am a girl, so that makes me Girl Vs. Food. I kid you not!

As soon as we arrived, me and alya decided to have our lunch at Pizza Hut. Sorry, didn't take MANY pictures in PH since we were starved to death. Both of us ate as fast as we could, and Girl wins over food!

Finished the mushroom sup less than 5 minutes?

Time flies and we decided to have some window shopping session since that's all what we could afford to. Were not employed. Tsk Tsk. I got bored and stressed out since Elianto is having a 70% SALE. Urgh. Why do they always go on sale when i am broke? So alya suggested to have a karaoke session, just to release the tension built in me. Harharhahr. So an hour passes and i got hungry AGAIN. Told you i was the female version of Men Vs. Food. Plus i am getting tired of all the screaming during karaoke and walking in 1B. So we decided to have our food hunting session at SR. Been dying to eat those scrumptious Chicken Cornish!

managed to get a comfy seat with this babe. Relaxing like a boss despite the very lady-like dress she's been wearing. Lol. 

Chicken Cornish and Appletiser is a bliss to me! Must-haves!


blogger girl with such a serious expression while waiting for our  drinks.

Girl Vs. Food!

After having a lot of rest at SR, we then resumed our window shopping session. Then i got tired of all the walking, again. Note to self, do NOT wear WEDGES when you're window shopping. It's tiring! People nowadays were crazy over tutti frutti right? Not me! I am crazy over Karamell Almondo Ice cream! It's so soft and not sweet! Must-try guys! So of course, we had KA. My personal favorite is the mango waffle. Ahh, i could even still imagine the taste right till this moment. Delicious!

*boring expression*

Yes, it's ADDICTING.

Mango Waffle *drools*

It's such a pleasant day, with the good foods we had and all. Life's too short for us to diet. Hahahahah! So go out and eat people! Seriously, go to KA and have a taste of their ice-cream! You won't regret it!

P/s: If any of you met this girl in any Toys 'R' Us store, just ignore her. She's just can't move on from her childhood memory. =)

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