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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

pnya lma tia on9 ni...
i was kinda bz with my FB,sakaiii kann... hahahahaaaaa..
i'm so0o0o addicted to playing cafe world,farm pals and fishville on facebook... hahahahaaa
enuf with dat...
last sem i got 3.75 for ma GPA wo0o0o0... awesome kan????
i know. LOL.

but this sem,BULLSHIT.yes.BULLSHIT.
7 SUBJECTS man! SHIT!!!!!
wut cn i do.. bkorban la katakan....
i'd just hope that i cn make it this semester or i'm DEAD! SERIOUSLY!!

since i'm back here(kemaman), there are so0o0o0 many things that had happened to me and ppl around me.. i'd just can't tell you all bout it cz IT'S TOO MANY! mostly happy2 things laa... hahaahahaa..
tapi ada juga yg bikin sakit ati.. heheeee..

hmmmm.... wut else ahhh???? geezzzz... i dunno ow...i'm over-excited ni sekarang.. dunno y... hahahaaa... k la ppl.. tia taw suda apa aku membebel mcm nenek di sini ni... next tym la k! love y'all!!!


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