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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

fuck!!!!!! 14 ppl in my college are positive with H1N1..
so my college are closed for 1 week/holiday!!!
freakin bred when u don't know wut 2 do on hols.

i went 2 pantai mak nik with masks on..
ppl are scared and ran away when they saw me..
even the kakak who takes order dun wan 2 amek my order..
then i told these uncivilized ppl that if i hav H1N1,i wont b sitting at pantai drinking air kelapa laa..
i would b at the hospital la bodoh.. haha..
then keadaan became terkawal..haha..
stupid kan..

so u peeps b careful k.. wear masks n please jaga kebersihan..
b hygenic la k!!!

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