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Sunday, June 21, 2009

long tym tia update this blog..
haha.. nway,teda la juga papa2 yg xciting..

1. i FINALLY got my driver's licence after TERTANGGUH DUE TO STUDYING..(no more illegal driving.haha)
2. it's 8 MORE DAYS then i'm back in trengganu
3. i finally knew how 2 make KARIPAP... haha..
4. i knew how 2 make my own CENDOL
5. ppl here are sakai cz my UNIQUE HAIRSTYLE is NOW A TREND.. haha.. i'm A TRENDSETTER..haha LOL
6. back @ tganu.
7. i'm gonna meet my hubby afta separated 4 3 months..huhu
8.2 of my friends also had motor accident.. pity..
9. my n70 phone rosak!!! wtf!!
10. 2 of my second cousin are married.

so0o0o0.. i'm guessing tht's d top 10 things dat i remember that happend this few months.. some are important,but some are just bullshit..haha.. i can drive,i cn make karipap n cendol,but i hate it when my unique style are becoming trends these days.. i mean,most ppl are proud,but i'm not.. i wanna b unique.. one of a kind.. so stop doing my hairstyle!! it's HAK CIPTA TERPELIHARA..

to all friends,i miss u!!!


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